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Training for Schools

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Life Skills/Soft skills Training for Students

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines life skills as the abilities that help individuals adapt and behave positively to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Life skills are usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life. They help us to accomplish our ambitions and live to our full potential.

VIBHA Provides training for students to Enhance Cognitive skills, Program sub-conscious mind, achieve goals, Cope up with Stress that is faced by students due to academics, peer pressure and elevate their personalities to heights.

We provide training in the following areas:

Academic Excellence through Goal setting
Memory and Concentration
How to score high marks in Board exams
Overcome exam stress and anxiety before and during exams
How to learn any subject
Personality Development

Workshop on Academic Excellence Through Goal Setting:

This workshop aims at helping the students to achieve academic excellence through systematic study plan, goal setting, self-confidence & cognitive skill enrichment, the sub-conscious mind programming and excellent time management.

Duration – 4 hours

Eligibility: Age 12- 20 years

Key Takeaways

Building Self Confidence.
Programming the Mind to be Goal Oriented
Setting Expectations for Achievable Goals
Reduce Stress
Time Management – increase productivity by fighting Procrastination & Lethargy
Training the Sub Conscious Mind to achieve Long-term Goals.
Unlock your true potential
Score Higher Marks in exam

Workshop on Memory & Concentration:

Memory is the ability to remember information, experiences and people.Concentration, earns the action or power of focusing all one’s attraction.There are some specific skills that can be learned to enhance both concentration and memory. The training focuses on developing the cognitive skills. Easy and scientifically proved tips and techniques are taught to students and they can learn by experimenting during the workshops

Duration – 3 hours

Eligibility: Age 12- 21 years

Key Takeaways

Improve Memory power
Improve Concentration power
Able to remember the formulas, sequences in answers, Numbers, Names
Makes an boring subject interesting to read
Prepare for exam without stress and anxiety
Improves learning ability and speed
Avoid mind going blank in the exam hall
Improve confidence to face exams
Regain Instant energy while feeling tired
Score High Marks in exams

Workshop on how to Score High Marks in Board Exams:

While preparing for board exams, Children often get scared thinking that they were climbing a steep mountain. They just need to realize that the exams are not that steep to climb but just a grain of sand. Stress, pressure and anxiety exaggerate the situation and they lose marks.

This workshop helps the students to:

Achieve high marks in board exams by well managing the pressure, avoid mind going blank in the exam hall, present the paper well using well researched and tested techniques, manage time well, overcome fear during exams

Duration – 4 hours

Eligibility: Age 12- 20 years

Key Takeaways

Prepare for the exams mentally and physically before and during the exams
Understand the presentation techniques which will help you to score 100%
Complete the exam within stipulated time through excellent time management
Learn the intricacies of avoiding silly mistakes that leads to scoring less than 100%
Handle the crisis if they realize a mistake at the last minute during an exam
Achieve full potential as a student & Score Higher Marks in exams

Workshop to Win over Anxiety, Fear, Stress due to Exams:

How many of us know that a day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work? This workshop aims at helping students in the same line. After attending the workshop, students will be able to overcome stress, anxiety and fear that accompany exam preparation. Students will learn to manage time, exam fear and ace board exams.

Duration – 2-3 hours

Eligibility: Grade 7th- Grade 12th

Key Takeaways

Overcome stress, fear and anxiety
Avoid getting panic in the exam hall
Avoid mind going blank in the exam hall
Complete exam within stipulated period of time
Overcoming post exam stress
Give their best

Learning to Learn:

This gives you access to learning techniques that can be used while learning a subject and how it can be made interesting. Includes illusion of competence, tips and ways of approaching test, procrastination and chunking, importance of sleep during exams.

Duration – 3 hours

Eligibility:Grade 7th- Grade 12th

Key Takeaways

Learn a subject and make it interesting
Use Memory techniques while learning for better retention
Learn concepts by using proper chunks
Handle illusion of competence
Avoid Procrastination by changing habits
Tips for approaching test

Workshop on Personality Development:

This Personality Development workshop aid children in dealing with the challenges of the outside world more effectively and efficiently by improving their listening skills, behavior skills, how to handle bullying and not to bully others, sexual abuse, anger control, self-awareness.

Duration – 7 days / 1hour per day

Eligibility: Age: 7 years- 11 years

Key Takeaways

Enhanced self- Awarenness
Improves confidence
Improved listening skills
Body language while communicating
Making changes in our behavior patterns
How not to bully others and handle bullying
Understanding sexual abuse/good touch/bad touch and handling
Understanding anxiety and handling it well
Managing anger
Increased level of patience by recording our activities in patient meter
Self Discipline
Start responding instead of reacting