How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety due to exams

How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety due to exams

Anxiety, stress and loss of confidence before during exams is a common sight among children. Experiencing such anxiety during temporary bouts is found in adults as well, but when such stress levels impede the performance at exams , it becomes essential to win the battle over stress.

Did you know that stress can alter the neuro chemical composition of the body and triggers physiological, emotional and chemical reactions in the body? Stress due to exams can be due to a variety of reasons and this workshop helps you understand the reasons that cause stress and anxiety and how they can be mitigated.

Stress creates an adrenaline rush, and many students say that it in fact helps them go an extra mile. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is. But, for stress to be helpful, one needs to turn stress to positive energy and this workshop will assist you in helping stress deliver the best out of you.

Young minds may experience stress at three different levels:

Before the exams

The “before exam stress syndrome” causes sleep disorders, fatigue and increased irritability. The feeling that there is insufficient time to prepare for the BIG day often causes Pre exam stress. When the brain is under stress it is unable to accumulate and assimilate information that further hinders study. This is vicious circle that a student is entangled into.

At Vibha, you do not have to fret anymore with stress. Our workshop will help you with scientifically proven techniques, tips and tricks that can help tide over stress and anxiety.

On the day of the exams

Experiencing stress on the day of the exam can make your mind go blank and impede coherent thinking, on the day when memory recall matters the most. Stress on the day of the exam is like nearing the finishing line in a 100 m race ahead of the others, but collapsing a few inches before the goal due to an energy drain out!!

Managing stress on the day of the exam is as important as overcoming it before the D-Day.
Reach out to Vibha for an interactive exam stress management workshop and surge ahead in your exams, stress free.

After the exams

When exams are held on consecutive days, dynamic change in study plan and thinking is essential. Stress after exams could be due to tougher than expected questions, post exam discussions with friends etc. Such stress not only demotivates but also affects the preparation for the subsequent exams. Overcoming post exam stress can be through various proven and time-tested methodologies, which are exclusively a part of Vibha’s “Win over stress and Anxiety Workshop.”

These interactive and thought provoking workshops can also be customized as per requirements to suit students. So why wait until you fall prey to stress?

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