Memory and Concentration workshops

Memory and Concentration workshops

Do you remember what you ate for dinner last night? Have you been daunted with memory losses exactly when you needed to remember facts the most?

Memory is influenced by a variety of factors –Visual memory which is based what is seen and auditory memory which is based on what is heard. Our brain comprises of roughly 100 billion neurons and is responsible for our cohesive thinking ability. Well, if you are able to understand and digest the information that you are reading, you are actually using a few million neurons.

The more you remember, the more you CAN remember. Sounds confusing? Well, it’s not.

Have a look at your body, the more you use your muscles and exercise it the more it is toned and begins to work for you. Frequent exercising tones your muscle while overworking strains them and may lead to injury or damages. However, memory works the contrary. The more you use, the more it is able to retain information.

Trained memory not only helps better recall, but also boosts your concentration, observation skills

As an NLP trainer and certified memory trainer, Ms. Harini offers a bouquet of memory training services that will assist children in resolving memory and concentration skills.

Bade good bye to lower marks and memory loss issues that impedes academic excellence and enrol immediately for the upcoming Memory and Concentration Workshop at Vibha.

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