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Online Coaching

Children and adolescents go through different behavioural, emotional and psychological stages as they grow. Children and teens undergo mental problems and somewhere they get stuck with their mental blocks.

Adolescence is a time for developing independence. Typically, adolescents exercise their independence by questioning and sometimes breaking rules.

Each stage has its own needs and problems to be resolved. Parent-child relationship can run into problems at any time.

Issues in Child/Adolescent:

Bullying and peer pressure in school/colleges
Aggression and violence from adolescents
Temper tantrums from children
Sibling rivalry and unhealthy competition
Panic attacks/stress/anxiety
Poor school performance, school refusal and phobia
Body image issues
Interpersonal relationship problems
Low self esteem and lack of assertiveness
Poor study habits
Exam Fear
Academic stress
Poor concentration and memory
Abuse and neglect
Low Self Confidence.

This is just a list of a few problems. There are more and the list becomes exhaustive. We help the child by listening, observing the child and make the child feel comfortable in opening up to share his/her experiences along with the feelings and thoughts that accompanies the problems.

Child, Adolescent and Parenting Counselling

We work with child/adolescent to discuss problems in one-on-one session with the counselor in a safe and confidential environment. Discussions/activities/worksheets/homework are based on the ages, developmental levels, and the problem faced by children/adolescents.

We use NLP tools or cognitive behaviour therapy to work with the children/adolescents based on the condition or which the child/adolescent is comfortable with.

We focus on:

Set SMART goals
Higher Confidence levels
Interest in Studies
Ability to learn any subjects easily using techniques that we

train them

Improve social skills
Overcome procrastination and manage time well
Decision Making and problem Skills

During the sessions we make sure that the child/adolescent feel safe and secure and the child/adolescent is respected We also listen to the parents and address their issues in the separate Parent session. We work towards to create a good communication between parent and child/adolescent.