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Personality Development

Personality Development

Role models for children

Parents are definitely role model for children .The children have aspirations to copy their parents and thus we need to create positive influences on them. Parents can only transform the child in to a well-mannered citizen combating against all negative odds. Effective parenting skills can demonstrate better results in children.

Adapting behaviors expected out of children

It is very easy to serve as a role model. You have to adopt the behaviors that you expect from your child. It is absolutely essential for parents to be honest with kids as they learn from us. We need to have traits like love, honesty, strength, courage and urge to live life in a better way. This will make your child notice you and follow your behavior.

Choices matter a lot

Our own choices matter a lot as children learn from our choices .The dictionary of DO’s and Don’ts for children begins with us. It is essential that parents adopt wise choices so that we are prepared to see the reflection of our behavior through our child .Wise and healthy choices can help children to develop healthy life style like having good food habits ,manners and positive behaviors and thinking

Acknowledgement of behaviors

It is very important for parents to be happy and appreciate other efforts. A Simple life with joy and concern can educate the child in a better way. Smiling and happiness fills life with positive bliss and can help the child to understand the meaning of the same.

Parents need to avoid negative behaviors like shouting, yelling, slamming the fist etc. It will take just a second for the child to copy that and present the same to you. Parents should teach children as how to handle the crisis and get away with it. A Child needs to understand that there will be success and failure in all walks of life. This is a very important lesson that the child learns from their parents.

It is very important to acknowledge if the child as a very good behavior. Parents should adopt the policy that they should praise the child in public and reprimand them in private. Reprimanding for bad behavior in public will demotivate the child and increases the chances of depression. Handling tough times without any tension is another important behavior for children. If the child exhibits a good behavior, acknowledge them with appreciation, gifts and motivate them to be consistent.

It is evident that parents act as role models for children in all walks of life.