Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Personal Excellence through Goal Setting

Goal setting is a process that transcends from figuring out where you are to where you’d want to be. It is powerful process that can transform your dream to reality. In football, you can’t score a goal unless you know where the goal posts are! Searching for success without smart goals is like driving around a new terrain in search of a location without a roadmap or road signs!

Did you know that only 3% of the adults have clear, specific and well-articulated goals and they accomplish more than 15 times their counterparts who don’t have goals?

So, why goal setting?

Creates Long term vision
Brings in clarity of thought
Helps in Knowledge acquisition
Short term motivation
Increased self-confidence
Recognition of self-ability

Goal setting is indeed the fulcrum of your success, and the shortest ladder to success, when coupled with hard work. Setting the right goal is imperative for success. The Personal Excellence through Goal Setting Workshop is designed to assist participants build, visualise, achieve and progress towards achievement of their dreams through goal setting.

Academic Excellence through Goal Setting

Have you wished you could have a magic wand that could transform your grades and bring that smile on your face back? Well, that magic wand is just within reach. And the first step towards it is – to set SMART goals.

Research psychologists state that setting a goal illusions the brain to believe that the goal is already achieved. When applied to student behaviour, setting goals drives towards obtaining academic excellence, turning out to be indeed the invisible magic wand!

The first step to success is to understand what you want and figuring out what to do. So, what do we offer at this workshop?

Set a road map of where, why and how you need to achieve academic excellence
Understand the best ways and methodologies to adopt to step closer to your target everytime
Measure , gauge and mark the progress on your goals
Appreciating accomplishments and redefining goals.

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